What we do

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  • Produce innovative tech products and informatic services along with people who see an innovative future. Our goal is the develop of new, competing, extroverted solutions mainly in problems, with use of technology tools.
  • Promotes smart and dynamic products of partner companies that suits us and represent us as a philosophy, representing them to all over the globe.
  • Investigate the global market, searching for possibilities and chances through our excellent network of human and professional relations that we built through decades, with a goal  to open new trade ways of product promotion.
  • We undertake, for each business to study and analyze how to move to a new level of more efficient business-to-business operation, changing obsolete processes, or introducing completely new logic of production, marketing, communication and tracking.


With the help of Technology we make our lives better and protect the resources of the earth. We improve a business’ production and efficiency. Every man can deliver his tasks in the best security and quality conditions and in the minimum required time.

Contact Us

  • Perikleous 0 Spectra, Thermi 57001
  • 00302310365067
  • info@eyetechgr.com